Barbed Wire Arm Tattoo

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Barbed Wire Arm

The barbed wire arm tattoo is among the most popular and most historic . These designs used to be done on arm by those people who had served some time in the jail and the number of barbs on the wire would represent the time frame. Hence, the importance of the is a lot because of the symbolic meanings attached to it.

Barbed Wire on Upper and Lower arms

The hot favorite body part of getting a barbed wire tattooed is the upper arm around muscles, for both men and women. The tattoo design on the upper arm is usually a simple one however, at times different other designs and different other tattoo ink is also mixed up with it either to enhance the beauty or to focus more on a particular symbolic meaning. Similarly, although the upper arm is more popular one for the designs for , however, on the lower arm as well, many a times a barbed wire is tattooed. One of the favorite one is getting a barbed wire tattooed just at the beginning of the fingers of the hand.

Barbed Wire Arm tattoo with other designs and ink

A few other designs that are popularly made with the barbed wire is usually a broken heart, a snake or sometimes loves design too. Hence, depending upon what the symbolic meaning is and what kind of connotation is attached to the barbed wire tattoo ideas, many other designs could also be added. However, sometimes these designs are made simply for enhancing the beauty. Similarly, the most popular tattoo ink is black but this is used when expressing the tattoo meanings related to barbed wire only, however, many other kinds of tattoo ink is also used nowadays.

Barbed Wire tattoo on celebrities’ arms

Among the Hollywood celebrities, Pamela Anderson has a simple barbed wire tattoo on her arm. The tattoo is made on her upper arm and it is with black tattoo ink. No other Hollywood celebrity has found to have a barbed wire tattooed on his or her body, or arm in particular. Similarly, another popular Hollywood celebrity that has a barbed wire tattoo design on his arm is Vin Diesel. He has a relatively bigger barbed wire tattoo on his upper arm with black tattoo ink.



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